Oh hello, I believe you wish to know what I am about. You aren’t even going to buy me ramen? *sigh* What a shame… Alright, I will give you some insight about myself.

I am a pretty short person, and I still do not understand why tall people do not pity I cannot see beyond their physique (especially at concerts). I used to be a tomboy as a child, then I discovered the magic of Limited Too. I basically dumped Sun-In in my hair throughout one whole summer in middle school, and the highlights never stopped appearing since then. Middle-child syndrome? Oh hell yeah. My sisters look exactly like Persian princesses, while I look like a white Persian kitten.

Anyways, I am a credible fashion icon because I was recognized as best-dressed in my middle-school yearbook. That was a joke. Although, history repeated itself last week in my college’s newspaper as I was highlighted for being best dressed too (cue the bass drop from “Pursuit of Happiness”). Speaking of school, I study all the time so kickboxing helps with the stress. Plus, I work at a dreamy boutique that supplies more than half of my closet.

Another thing before I conclude, my favorite things are ceremonial matcha tea, ramen, chocolate chip cookies, cats, reusable water bottles, overalls, t-shirt dresses, booties, bomber jackets, eyelash curlers, and any tasteful piece of art (movies, books, music, etc.).