Interview #13: Julia Tasedan


1. When you look back to your childhood, what was your favorite thing to wear and why?

A:  Snake shirt was probably the coolest thing I owned, I was born on the year of the snake, so like, represent. And it was a new piece which was nice because I mainly wore things that were secondhand.

2. Describe what you’re wearing and what do you think people think of you in this outfit?

A: I would think that people think this girl likes turtle necks *laughs*. I’m definitely more vintage prone. I definitely notice I get more looks when I wear heels so I don’t know what that means.

3. Imagine your future in a year from now, what would you hope you have accomplished and what would you be wearing?

A: Something sexy but not slutty–I wouldn’t mind being in a relationship in a year from now. I have no plans academically except finishing my 3rd year of college.

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