Interview #10: Sam Isaacs


1. When you look back to your childhood, what was your favorite thing to wear and why?

A: Dungarees (overalls) because I had a brother who was very similar to age of me and we would dress like twins. I had corduroy Everglades green dungarees, and i looked banging in them.


2. Describe what you’re wearing and what do you think people think of you in this outfit?

A: I got the pants from America in Boston. I love them because of the color and my bum looks quite nice. The boots are from TkMax, I can just run around them and look posh, and I bought the plaid button up from H&M. I love a good collar. I think people think I’m smart, poncy, and Cambridge.


3. Imagine your future in a year from now, (somebody from that future visits you in the present) what would you hope you have accomplished and what would you be wearing?

A: A year from now I’ll be doing this program, and hopefully it’ll be bigger and better. But it won’t be you guys, who are my number ones. I’ll be wearing tight pants, boat shoes, a strong collar, and I’m feeling the pinks so a strong salmon collared shirt. Very profesh.

(Sam was my advisor for the study abroad program in Cambridge, simply the best person you’ll be blessed to meet if you get the chance).

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