Interview# 5: David Vo

1. When you look back to your childhood, what was your favorite thing to wear and why?

A: I used to love pollo sweater vests, slacks, and khakis. I loved putting myself together, I was just a typical church kid.

2. Describe what you’re wearing and what do you think people think of you in this outfit?

A: The jacket I’m wearing is very pastel inspired I think of it as ice cream colors. There’s green tea, there’s vanilla, there’s strawberry, and underneath I have a light chocolate shirt. It makes me feel really happy so I think it makes other people happy!

3. Imagine your future in a year from now, (somebody from that future visits you in the present) what would you hope you have accomplished and what would you be wearing?

A: I’m still gonna be at OCC, but I’ll be working on transferring to UCLA for psychology. I go through phases I’m very prep, or casual. Overall, I can’t predict what I’m wearing but it will be me, and I’ll be happy with wherever I go.

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